A Late Beginning

Well, what can I say.  Surely I’m a prime example of what happens when good intensions meet superior procrastination.  We’re 120 days in to this trip and I’m only just now getting around to actually starting this blog.  I’d like to have thousands of wonderfully exciting reasons and activities that have kept me too busy to write up until now, but the simple truth is that I was not ready to write.

The first 120 days of this journey have been hard, sometimes heartbreakingly so.  While some of the difficulties have stemmed from the reality of travelling with 12 animals in a tiny caravan, limited financial resources, and absolutely no game plan, its really been the lingering emotional upheaval I left behind that has caused the most trouble.  They say you can’t run from your past, or hide from it, or otherwise put any amount of distance between you and it that will soften the blows or ease the hurts.  Well, the first 120 days have reinforced that lesson to a degree that I sometimes wonder is really necessary.  After all, I came out here seeking something, not running away from something, or so I thought anyways.

In any case, after 120 days, I’m finally feel ready to face the prospect of putting the details of my journey down in words.  I’m not sure exactly how I will approach this, so please bear with me.  Do I back track to the beginning and relive those first few months until we’re all caught up?  Do I start here, fresh,  in hopes that not rehashing the hardships makes for lighter, more enjoyable reading?  Do I just intertwine the pleasant travel memories that already are into part of the stories going forward and forget the emotional exhaustion that almost drove me to give this journey up?  I suppose we will just have to wait to see.  But however things go, this is my new beginning; late, but finally here.

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