Travis’s Return

Travis is back!  And he brought so many American goodies back with him that I’m not sure what to eat or wear first!!  I was so excited to see him that I actually gave him a real hug when he got here (I generally avoid touching people, even family, at all costs).  The dogs were so thrilled that they practically climbed out the car windows trying to get to him, it was super adorable.

The drive home was less adorable.  Remember how I wrote about how restless the dogs tend to be in the car?  Well, now we had an extra person and three bags of luggage to fit into the space they already deemed not sufficient.  I ended up with Kova at my feet and a Raj who refused to lay down on my lap.  Travis and I spent as much of the ride back shouting at dogs to “just lay down!” as we did talking and catching up on what went on over the last two weeks… there was a lot more to catch up on then I expected.

When we made it back to the ranch, the first order of business (after letting the dogs out to burn off some energy) was to go through the luggage for all the stuff the family sent back for us!  The food items are in the photo, and as you can imagine, I’m in heaven.  I very, very, very rarely get homesick for the States, but I regularly crave the food.  In England, I had access to the military base and could get most of the stuff I needed to keep me sane, but out on the road the struggle is real!  I ended up going for the goldfish first, of course, followed by a mini crumb cake.  I’m contemplating the bag of Fritos right now.

The family also sent our Christmas gifts, which aside from food, consisted of a lot of extra warm socks for me (which I asked for since I’ve been wearing three pairs and slippers at a time and still have frozen feet).  I also got long johns and a sweater, also desperately needed as we face the fact that we have to move on soon and it’ll be back to living out of the caravan with no heat.  But the very best present came from my aunt Eileen and is a hooded Snuggie that I am already snuggled up in and wondering if life could get any better.  This is the warmest I have been in two weeks and I am loving it!

Speaking of, Travis lit the fire when he got back, and guess what?  The reason I have struggled with keeping the fire lit is that the wood is really wet.  So it turns out that I am not actually a complete failure at this fire business, the wood was just working against me!  This little tidbit made my entire day, let me tell you, there’s nothing better then finding out you aren’t a total idiot to really round off two weeks on your own!

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