10,000 Miles

Today we reached 10,000 miles of travel mere minutes after we crossed the border in to our 14th country, Serbia. Luckily Travis snapped a photo of 9,999 miles because the darn counter reset itself when we hit the 10,000 mark (disappointing for photo moment)!

Looking back over those 10,000 miles it’s hard to believe what we’ve done over the past nearly five months. Mostly it’s hard to believe that we’ve actually survived this long! There have been plenty of moments when we’ve wanted to turn back, wanted to kill each other, wanted to kill the dogs (very occasionally Jäger as well for constantly escaping the caravan) or just plain wanted to give up on everything. But we haven’t. Even when things were really bad and not even the least bit fun, we’ve pushed through and kept going and here we are, 10,000 miles in. Sometimes it’s just about putting one foot in front of the other (or one miles at a time behind us) until you accomplish something, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

We don’t know what the next 10,000 miles has in store for us. We’re looking forward to making a new friend in Bulgaria and settling in again for a bit. I’ve got practical matters to deal with with the VA to try and reinstate my benefits, and in the meantime, we can’t spend too much time on the road. But Greece is still the plan for January, and from there, we can decide if we will be pushing to travel for the entire year or heading back home to England. Whatever we do, I know we’ve got a lot left to experience, and a lot more miles ahead of us.

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