Books & Films


I’m working my way through an (enormous) list of movies that other travellers have recommended as inspiring, and as I watch them, I’ll be listing the ones that resonate with me most here.  I hope you enjoy them as well!

  1.  Under the Tuscan Sun: This my favourite movie of all time, and absolutely the inspiration for this trip.  Having been through a pair of divorces now, this movie resonates with me for lots of reasons, not least of all as a reminder that “one day, the train will come.”
  2. L’Ascension (The Climb, 2017): A complete surprise that I absolutely loved, this loosely based on a true story comedy struck right at the heart of how underprepared I often feel on this trip!
  3. Seven Years In Tibet:  If you don’t want to travel to Tibet after seeing this movie, you didn’t watch it closely enough!!  Another true story that had me doing further research and tracking down the book (its always a plus when there’s also a book).
  4. A Walk in the Woods:  Two older men, , another biographical account, the Appalachian trail, and Robert Redford’s dry humour… you can’t go wrong!
  5. Wild: I preferred the book, but the story is inspiring in both forms and I just adore Reese Whitherspoon.