Our third member spotlight is the second part of the newest pair, Jäger, Kamikaze’s big brother (big as in nearly twice her size already!). We suspect that Jäger may have some Maine Coon influence in his parentage, as he’s certainly going to grow in to a big, fluffy cat with an equally big, silly personality.

Jäger is easily the more inquisitive of the kittens, with seemingly no fear response to anything at all. He wants to be out and about all the time, and is always waiting impatiently by the doors when we get home, eager to dart out in to the chaos of life in our house. He regularly helps out during evening stables, running across the fields like a maniac before darting back to us when we get too far away.

He loves sleeping with his puppy pal, Wasi, and of course, torturing his little sister every chance he gets. I have a feeling this little monster will expect to be taken along with the dogs on hikes while we travel, because he gets pretty pissy if he’s left behind when the others get to go out, never mind that he’s a cat and they’re dogs. He’s definitely a character!