We’re at introduction number ten!! This special dude is my Littlest Man, Raj’aa. Raj’s names roughly translates to “hopefulness” and that’s exactly why I got him, because I was feeling hopeful about my new life ahead at the time. I rescued him after being stationed in Georgia with the Air Force… I wanted some “balance” in my life because at the time, I had three German shepherds. Obviously a smaller dog was needed to balance them out 😂.

Raj is a six year old Bassett Hound/ Border Terrier Mix, which explains his crooked feet and precious beard. He’s the smallest of my dogs, though don’t be fooled by his short legs, he still weighs in at a solid 27 kilos! He is a little tank of a dog, keeping up with his larger pack mates without trouble and more then holding his own at play! The fact that he’s technically crippled from the deformation in his legs has never stopped him or slowed him down for a second; the vets always tell me he’s something of a miracle.

Raj is the sweetest, silliest, most cuddly dog of the pack. He is always happy, always smiling, an always wanting to be in your lap. He is often the favourite of visitors because you can’t help but fall for his ugly-cute face. Raj has long been the only dog regularly permitted to sleep on my bed, mostly because he’s the only one who sleeps politely at the bottom of it and doesn’t steal every inch of space there is. He’s also the dog I spend the most time exasperated with, because he has a penchant for getting in to things he shouldn’t. Lucky for him, it’s impossible to scold that face very seriously. He’s the cat’s favourite dog, because he gives good snuggles and lets them use him as a rubbing post. Raj makes me smile every time I look at him, everyone does, you just can’t help smiling back at a face that smiles so big at you!